A one-stop-consultancy-firm

Tactigent Consultancy is a one-stop-consultancy-firm. Our firm works with a team of relevant professionals: notaries, legal experts and auditors in both the Netherlands and the Caribbean. Specialization in both areas means one point of contact for both your Dutch and Caribbean queries. Our team of professionals, who are bound together by a shared commitment to quality and integrity, will surely deliver clarity in a complex regulatory environment.

Active in different specializations and countries

Tactigent Consultancy is a professional online firm specialized in tax law, business &finance and legal consultancy. The firm is situated in Paramaribo, Suriname and provides its services to clients active in the Caribbean and the Netherlands. Because Tactigent Consultancy has short communication lines, your queries will instantly get the attention of our professionals, which means efficient personal service and a short turn around time.

Availability 24×7 

Tactigent Consultancy doesn’t have business hours, since we provide online services. This means that we are 24×7 available for your queries.

How we work 

After having received your query a professional will contact you within 24-hours. They will tell you, without any obligation, what you can do by yourself and which services we can provide you and at what cost. When interested in one or more of our services we will send you an agreement. When we have the signed agreement in return, the service starts. The collection of the fee will start after the delivered services.

Our Added value

  • 24×7 Availability
  • Pay for performance
  • From strong knowledge to practical solutions
  • Tactigent Consultancy is a one-stop-consultancy-firm
  • A team of professionals in both areas: the Netherlands and the Caribbean
  • Short communication lines
  • Specialized in both areas: Caribbean and the Netherlands
  • International services
  • Direct personal contact
  • Availability for pragmatic and practical solutions
  • Short turn around time